Youth Entrepreneurship Checklist

With most of our young adults learning virtually, this is an opportune time to introduce them to entrepreneurship. It they have the entrepreneurial bug, incorporate business development to their curriculum. If they are not quite sure if being their own boss or starting their own business is their cup of tea, the below steps will give them things to consider.

Here are the eight steps your teen needs to use to get on a successful path to entrepreneurship:

  1. Set your goal:  Learn how to set smart goals and save money.

  2. Find your idea: Identify a business idea that’s fun―and profitable.

  3. Name your price: Figure out what your product or service is worth.

  4. Build your business: Create a marketing plan that works.

  5. Win with customers: Learn the basics of customer service.

  6. Get organized: Learn how to manage your time, calendar and appointments.

  7. Make your money work: Create a budget and make smart money decisions.

  8. Focus on the future: Develop a plan to grow your business.

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