What’s In A Name?

When I first started on my entrepreneurial journey I thought of several names and

first landed on “Pen2Paper”. I thought that was so cute, and really cool. But why

“Pen2Paper” what kind of business did that name represent. Well I love to write

and at the time my focus was on writing business plans so Pen2Paper it was for

quite some time.

As my business grew and I gained more insight I realized that “Pen2Paper” didn’t

bring visions of entrepreneurship to those who saw that name. It just said to most

that it had something to do with writing. That could mean anything.

Now comes “Mind Your Own Business”. I patted myself of the back for coming up

with something kitschy. Wrong, again!

Then I hired Talooka Studio. When I told Loocie my business name was “Mind Your

Own Business” she gave me a look like “You’ve got to be kidding!” But she was

gentle. “Think about that”, she said. “When someone tells you to “Mind Your

Own Business” what kind of connotation is that?” NEGATVIVE. But it took her a

minute to change my mind. I had dug myself deep in to the “Mind Your Own

Business” pit. But change my mind she did, and boy am I glad.

The Business Vision and Development Center (BVDC) represents who we are and

what we do. Perfect.

Does your business name represent your business model? And remember the

name serves as your branding platform:

  • Does the name sound good when you say it aloud? Is it easy to pronounce? Make sure it isn’t a tongue twister or too wordy. Think of someone saying it on the television or radio. You don’t want a fumble with this, you want a touchdown.

  • Can your logo be designed to convey your business name? Branding is key here. If someone see’s your logo they should instantly associate it with your business name.

  • Does the acronym work as a standalone? Typically, businesses use some version of their business name for an email address or social media handles. Make sure it’s something easy and not too long.

  • For me personally the business owner’s name would not be my first choice. It doesn’t tell the consumer what type of business it is and when doing an internet search there may be a plethora of Courtney Smiths.

Try a few names out, ask folks when they hear the name if they can identify what

type of business it is, and then consider talking to a branding expert. Sometimes,

it’s all in the name!

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